Saturday, March 8, 2014

Murder and NLP: The Taman Shud Case, Gutenberg Matches


Longest matches of substrings of the Tamam Shud Cipher among the initials in a corpus of 22,353 Project Gutenberg books. These are all of length 8. There were many shorter matches and no longer matches.

Title, Author, Substring, Passage

"The Iceberg Express", David Magie Cory
cittmtsa: cake i think the mermaid took somewhat after

"On Laboratory Arts", Richard Threlfall
cittmtsa: care is taken to make the strokes as

"Showell's Dictionary of Birmingham", Thomas T. Harman and Walter Showell
cittmtsa: Church in this town, Mr. Thomas Smallwood, an

"Beatrix", Honore de Balzac
cittmtsa: contemplating in turn the marshes the sea and

"The Nail", Pedro de Alarçon
iaboaiaq: is a beautiful one, and I am quite

"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism", John Atkinson Hobos
ittmtsam: in the textile metal transport shipping and machine

"Northanger Abbey", Jane Austen
ittmtsam: it together that miss thorpe should accompany miss

"The Trouble with Telstar", John Berryman
ittmtsam: itching to take me to see a man

"Pensées", Blaise Pascal
mtsamstg: make them saint augustine montaigne s'bond the genealogy

"A Woman for Mayor", Helen M. Winslow
mtsamstg: motioned the stenographer and miss snow to go

"Ernest Maltravers", Edward Bulwer-Lytton
tpmliabo: that point my life is a bad one

"Carette of Sark", John Oxenham
ttmtsams: than twenty miles there soon after midnight steal

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